If you're looking for a fun way to invest in gold, then you should consider collecting gold bullion coins from around the world. Gold bullion coins are made for people who want to invest in gold and physically possess it, unlike buying shares in a gold stock. The other option for people who want to own gold is to buy gold bars, but bullion coins come in many designs and are visually more interesting than plain bars.

 You could mount the gold coins in a nice frame and display them. They would be a nice piece of art in addition to an investment.

Here is a list of some of the countries that make bullion coins and a brief description of the coin.


The Libertad is a 99 percent pure gold coin. It is available in 4 sizes: 1/20, 1/10, ¼, and ½ of an ounce, as well as a 1 ounce version. The front of the coin has the image of Victoria, the Roman goddess, standing in front of two famous Mexican volcano's.  The goddess Victoria was made popular during the Mexican revolution.The reverse has the national coat of arms. The coat of arms depicts a golden eagle, standing on a cactus, eating a rattlesnake.

The United States

There are two gold bullion coins made in The United States. One is called the American Buffalo; the other is called the Eagle. The gold Buffalo is only sold in 1-ounce sizes. The gold Eagle is made in 1/10,1/4,1/2 and 1-ounce sizes.

The America Buffalo features the portrait of a Native American. If you have ever seen the Indian Head nickel, then you will be familiar with the design.

The Eagle features the image of Lady Liberty. It was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Gaudens was a famous designer, and his design has become so loved that many people refer to these coins as St. Gaudens.


The Gold Panda is a beautiful coin. It is 99 percent pure gold. The front of the coins depicts the image of the Temple of Heaven. This is a enormous Daoist temple that was used by several of the Chinese dynasties as the official holy building. The reverse of the coin shows a panda. A fun design choice made by the Chinese mint was to change the panda image every year. So, if you choose to buy several Gold Panda coins, you can get them with different panda images so long as you choose different mint years.

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